Save Time and Money with Retail Fixture Consolidation

Our free audit shows how you could reduce FF&E program costs by 10% or more.

With this free audit from Store Opening Solutions, you’ll learn how consolidating your FF&E saves you money and improves your overall store-opening process.

To see how we can generate savings for you, we’ll analyze your process to answer the following questions:

  • Freight: How much can you save on shipping and delivery by using full truckloads?
  • Installation: What happens if you can compress installation timelines and prevent delays and callbacks by having ALL FF&E arrive at once?
  • Bulk purchasing: How much could you be saving if you took advantage of bulk rate discounts for your FF&E?
  • Store opening dates: How much revenue could you be generating if your soft openings happened sooner?
  • Additional sources of cost creep: What kind of savings could you achieve by minimizing loss and damages costs, avoiding fees related to schedule changes, and reducing man-hours spent on vendor management?

The audit will include a projection of how much you can save. Set up your free FF&E process audit today!

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