Consolidation Services: Why Work With Us?

Consolidation Services: Why Work With Us?

You need to open and refresh your stores on time, on budget and with minimum interruption. With Store Opening Solutions acting as an extension of your team, you’ll realize this vision. We’ve mastered the art and science behind opening new stores and refreshing existing locations and we’ve made it simple – for you. We don’t apply the same default formula to every project. Instead, we listen and provide expert consultation to execute the project in the most optimal way that’s unique to you and your project.

With Store Opening Solutions you get:

Streamlined Communications

Acting as your single point of contact, Store Opening Solutions drastically reduces the number of vendors for you to manage, which results in fewer phone calls and emails to resolve everyday issues.

Conflict Resolution

Store Opening Solutions manages both your consolidation and installation processes, so we’re able to identify missing or damaged inventory and resolve issues quickly on your behalf.

Detailed Focus

Our team of flexible, creative consolidation experts is immersed in your business to solve all of your everyday material handling challenges so that you can focus on running your business.

Seamless Transition from Consolidation to Installation

Our installers work closely with our warehouse operations teams to establish best practice packaging and sequencing to ensure a seamless installation process at your store site.

Schedule Change Coordination

When outside forces affect your schedule, Store Opening Solutions is your one call to re-align resources and transportation to prevent costly callbacks.

Simply put, we help you realize your vision.

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