INVision Online Interactive Portal

INVision Online Interactive Portal

Real Time Visibility with Powerful Capabilities

INVision is both your window and your control panel. Gain insight into every detail you need to understand the status of every project in real time with the power to control your inventory and streamline your processes.

Ongoing Daily Inventory Support

With INVision you get comprehensive support and functionality that can be used as a standalone inventory control system or integrated seamlessly into your existing system. No matter how you incorporate INVision into your business, you’ll have the power to:

Strategic Partnership

At Store Opening Solutions, your dedicated support team is immersed in your business and knows your unique needs. Together, we leverage the power of the INVision portal to discover areas for process improvements and cost reductions. Typically, customers experience savings in the following areas:

Working as an extension of your team and harnessing the capabilities of INVision, Store Opening Solutions will help you implement and manage strategic store programs with maximum efficiency, accuracy and reduced spend.

With INVision you can see

  • Real time inventory and current activity
  • Historical inventory levels and turns
  • Interactive reporting capabilities focused on specific projects and items
  • Current and historical inventory deployment and utilization
  • Images of all your inventory items
  • Customized reports developed to your specific needs

With INVision, you can control

  • How and when inventory ships to designated locations
  • Customized order forms for specific projects and store types
  • Management of chain-wide rollouts
  • Who can perform specific inventory management tasks
  • How used asset fixtures are redeployed
  • Integration with your internal systems
  • Application of your business rules to continually automate and streamline processes

Simply put, we help you realize your vision.

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